One Happy Worm

Castings Now Available Locally is dedicated to growing redworms and providing you with redworms directly from our farm in southwestern Wisconsin. is not a "virtual farm" that takes your order only to pass it on to any real farm willing to fill your order. Our specialty is growing and using redworms, so you won't find insects and other live bait here.

One Hundred Five Reasons

Here is a sampling of comments from our customers:

"I started using worm castings two years ago. Since then I have noticed that my roses bloom abundantly and seem to be more resistant to disease. The soil is a rich dark brown and is loose and easy to cultivate. In the past, I have grown predominantly flowers, but this year I am anxious to grow more flowers. I am confident I will see increased yields with the use of worm castings."- Cheryl B., Wisconsin

"I ordered two pounds of redworms through the mail from The redworms came in a package in very good shape. I put them in a prepared worm bedding. They have multiplied at a very rapid rate. I am well pleased with the worms and the service."- Bill S., New York

"I bought one pound of redworms from in June of 2007. The redworms are doing very well in the worm box, as I am following the worm care instruction sheet that came with the redworms. I would recommend Wisconsinredworms to anyone." - Jerry M., Wisconsin

"Three pounds of redworms came to me from in great shape. I wanted them to help with composting and eating table scraps. Three pounds of redworms will eat about one and one-half pounds of garbage a week, and they are doing just that. Thanks!"- Helen W., Idaho